eLeaf is a smart plant monitor designed to keep a watchful eye on four essential factors: moisture, light, temperature, and humidity. eLeaf provides real-time information about your plant and alerts you when any of these factors need attention.
Project Background:​​​​​​​
A living and working environment, enriched with greenery has the potential to elevate and positively impact our mood and well-being in various spaces.
Inadequate nurturing and accidental neglect of indoor plants result in a significant mortality rate and prevent consumers from experiencing the numerous benefits that incorporating greenery into their homes can offer.

My experience with plant care was vital to understanding the pain points of plant owners.
An environment with greenery is desirable and preferred, but some users lose benefits that incorporating greenery into their homes can offer.
Users struggle to keep up with their plants water and lighting preferences, a vital part of plant care.
Experienced plant owners may need help keeping up with their plants.
Non-plant owners may have killed plants in the past and are loosing out on the benefits.
This concept promotes a more interactive and emotionally fulfilling relationship between the caregiver and the plant. 
The plant stake monitors your plant health, and alerts you when something is not at the right level.

After a series of refinements, my semi-final design closely resembled a leaf, but still retained some of geometric nature. 
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